Ivory News Update

Please contact your congressional representative and senators to voice your support for these two bills: H.R. 5052 and S. 2587 .

Recent regulatory changes in the Endangered Species Act have effectively ended the market for the sale of antique items containing ivory and other endangered species materials. These changes are unnecessarily punitive to collectors, dealers, museums, musicians, and others who own antique objects containing or made of these endangered species materials. Furthermore, these new regulations will not be effective in stopping the criminals engaged in the poaching of elephants and rhinoceros for purposes of illicit trade. We support strong measures to stop poaching, but the current regulatory changes are ineffective, poorly directed, and punish law-abiding Americans.




The more support these bills receive from concerned and affected citizens, the better our chances are that the bills will be passed. 

Here is a link to the US Senators’ office phone numbers:


Here is a link that lists all Representatives’ office phone numbers:


Thank you for your prompt response.



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